Monday, 1 October 2018

Socio-Economic Impact of Osteoporosis
Under socio-Economic impact of osteoporosis lies Mortality, Morbidity, Economic cost and future projections. Hip fractures mainly contribute to mortality in Osteoporosis. About 12-20 percent reduction in survival. According to hospital-based study mortality rate is high in men, older patients. Osteoporosis fractures various greatly in morbidity. Colles fractures have short-term consequences while hip fractures result in permanent and life-long disabilities. The effect of vertebral fracture morbidity is less. Cost of Osteoporosis vary in different cases and countries. Hip fracture cost is subsequently high in all developed countries. In 1996, the acute hospital care cost of hip fractures per annum amounted to 1 percent of the total hospital cost.
Track 8-1Economic Cost of Osteoporosis
Track 8-2Mortality
Track 8-3Morbidity
Track 8-4Future Projections
Osteoporosis 2019| Socio-Economic Impact of Osteoporosis
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